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BTCHEM water-based lacquer BEX03-0110H topcoat

BEX03-0110H is the water-based wood coating product which is suitable for outdoor wooden furniture. It is fast dry, good adhesion to make smooth surface, durable under the sun, anti weather, totally environmentally friendly.

I.             FEATURES

*  Color: milky, good for all wood species; rich colors development as required

*  Solid content: 38- 40%

*  PH: 8 – 8.5

*  Good water-resistant, anti UV.

*  Fast dry, good hardness and smoothness, good anti-scratch.

*  Meet/ exceed all the Strict Quality Test according to EU (REACH) & US (CPSIA) Performance Standards



1)     Timber surface processing: Treat all mistakes on wood surface (if any), sanding.

2)     Stain color (for color products)

3)     WS03-0110H sealer: Spray 01 or 02 sealer lacquer coats depends on product’s requirement. It can be able to be diluted with de-ionized water to dip wood product.

4)     Mixing Topcoat as instructed ratio, completely spray 2 passes. To color paint, mixing topcoat and color as instructed ratio, completely spray 2 passes.

Air-drying products for 2 – 3 hours, then packing after 24 hours


*  The product must be stored indoors, dry and cool condition, avoid direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.

*  Keep the container tightly closed before and after using

*  Expiry date: 06 months since production date at cool temperature. EXP date will be reduced if storage condition is hot.

IV.       SAFETY

*  Safety working gloves and gauze mask are must be worn when contacting product. Keep out of eyes, skin and mouth.

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