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1. Solvent-based 

NC lacquers: Are a synthesis, easy-to-use, high quality lacquers. They are suitable for indoor wooden furniture. Hard film; good thickness and adhesion; good water, solvent resistance; no cracking, no blistering. They are good for all wood species.

* NCNY * NCHN        

PU lacquers : are synthetic, two-component, high quality lacquers. Some are suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Hard film, good thickness, adhesion, high resistance to UV and weather, easy to use on different kinds of wood.


AC lacquer: Is a synthetic, easy-to-use, high quality lacquer. Hard film; good thickness and adhesion; good water, solvent resistance; no cracking, no blistering.






CAXT lacquers: Special high grade lacquer  is used only for outdoor wooden furniture. It has high durability, superior solid. It improves UV and weather resistance.





2. Wood preservative Oil: The key points of these products are to good enhanced UV protection, excellent weather resistance, anti micro – organism such as: mould, fungus, alga…

* OBT01 * OBT01N * OBT02 * BT Cashew
* OBT02N * OBT FD262 * OBT LP127    

3. Woodstain: Are a high quality product, easy-to-use for staining and protecting wooden furniture. They improve durable colors, protecting products from sunlight and weather effect.


Stain SBM


Stain SP3010


4. Water-based:  Product system proves to be eco-friendly;  safety for Consumer. They are high durability of color, high build, enhanced UV protection and weather resistance.

* EX-1902H * DC-0503H * B5-3003H * BK1-1309H

5. UV curing lacquers: They are high-technology which are eco-friendly products and safety for Consumers. They also shorten the production time; reduce material consumption and superior durability as requirement. 


BT-UV Coatings


BT-UV Floor Coatings

6. Supplemental products – Cleaning & Care:  Depending on requirement, each product will be a part of procedure to perform the different wood surface after applying. That leads to satisfy the request of aesthetics and optimal effect.

* Wood filler * W.P (A)(B) * Mineral Oil * Teak Fix
* Putty * Oil Stopper * Wax    

7. Metal coatings: Support for painting small metal parts of wooden furniture.


NC Primer