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Interior Wood Coatings

PUVS-041110  lacquer is a high quality two component polyurethane lacquer. It is suitable for wood products indoor which requires high hardness of surface and for wooden floorings. It has good adhesion, anti-scratch, and water resistance – solvent resistance.

I.        FEATURES

*         Color: amber liquid

*         Solid content: 50±3%.

*        Various  sheen, no cracking, no peeling.

*         Good for all wood species and rich colors development as required

*        Meet/ exceed all the Strict Quality Test according to EU (REACH) & US (CPSIA) Performance Standards


                -   PU sealer/ PU hardener/ PU thinner: 2/ 1/ 2

                -   PUVS-041110 topcoat/ PUVS-041110 hardener/ PUTXXT thinner: 2/ 1/ 2

                -   Coverage ratio : 5-6m2 / 1 Kg


            1.      Timber surface processing:  Treat all mistakes on wood surface (if any), sanding.

            2.      Stain color or wood filling

            3.      PU Sealer: Mix sealeras recommended ratio 01 or 02 coats depends on requirement. Sanding after 60 – 90  minutes.  

4.      PUVS-04110Topcoat: Mix coatings and colors as recommended ratio, completely spray 2 passes.

5.      Air-dry product, after 24 hours, packed.


*        Product should be stocked at cool, dry condition and under 400C.

*        Keep the tanks tightly closed before and after using

V.       SAFETY :

*        Product ingredients are flammable chemicals. Keep away from heat and fire.

Safety working gloves and gauze mask are a must when contacting product. Keep out of eyes, skin and mouth.                  

Other Product


    AC Lacquer ( Acid cured lacquer) is a synthetic, easy-to-use, high quality lacquer. It’s suitable for indoor wooden furniture. Hard film; good thickness and adhesion; good water, solvent resistance; no cracking, no blistering.


    PUHJFD  is a high quality two component polyurethane lacquer. It is suitable for indoor & outdoor wooden products. It has good adhesion, hardness, and high durability. Especially, PUHJFD has fast drying and curing time .


    High grade lacquer PUSM2 is a 2K lacquer which is suitable for superior indoor wooden furniture. PUSM2 lacquer has good adhesion, hardness, and high durable, special for UV absorbs property and weather resistance.