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Supplemental Products-Cleaning & Care

Wood filler is specialized in preparing wood surface. Wiping wood filler helps fill up the grains on wood surface before spraying lacquer, making the film smooth.


*   White paste; dissolve in the white spirit solvent.

*   Easy to wipe or brush on the wood surface and having good capacity to fill up the grain of the wood.

*   Can mix the color stain in the wood filler, same one step of padding stain color on the wood surface.

*   Slow drying time (1.5 - 2 hours) and not effecting the characteristics of the film.

*   Meet all the Strict Quality Test according to EU (REACH) & US (CPSIA) Performance Standards.


1.   Prepare wood surface: sanding.

2.   Wipe or brush the wood filler onto the wood surface. If necessary, can mix the pigment color stain in the wood filler. Then, wipe again with clean mops.

3.   Air-dry in 1.5 - 2 hours under the room temperature.

4.   Sand carefully to make the surface smooth.

5.   Continue the next steps of finishing process.


*   Product should be stocked at cool, dry condition and under temperature at 260C - 300C.

*   Keep the tank tightly closed before and after using.


*   Wood filler's ingredients are flammable chemicals, keep away from heat and open flame.

*   Used mops are soaked into tank of water after use ( used mops are inflammbale easily by oxygen naturally under dry air).

*   Safety working gloves and gauze mask are a must when contacting product. Keep out of eyes, skin and mouth.



Other Product


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    Teak Fix is an aqueus product based on water-based system. It is suited for porous wood substrates, making them easy to clean, remain clean longer, show no unsightly dark water streaks and less the growth of micro-organism. Especially, it can make water bead in the wood surface and chewing gum cannot be stuck on.

  • WAX

    Wax is a product used for refinish decorative furniture to improve lacquer film more durable. It has high water-resistance and weather-resistance.